A comparison of leadership of mao tse tung and joseph stalin

I respect historians like Richard Baum, Frank Dikotter, Jung Chang, Judith Banister, Richard MacFarquhar, etc but for every book that alleges Mao is responsible for those deaths one could write a book alleging the opposite. Some religions are atheistic, in that they have no concept of gods.

The three component parts of Marxism were produced through the process of studying the things in bourgeois [society], studying German classical philosophy, British classical economics, and French utopian socialism, and struggling against them.

In most cases these comments below are excerpts from larger documents, but an attempt has been made to include enough of the context so that the remarks are clear. He fought for a command economy that allowed the government to make all decisions for the country. A failed policy does not constitute "genocide" otherwise this list of genociders would be much longer.

However, i have never received a single email nominating Putin This was designed to give the reactionary armed forces a breathing space which would permit them an opportunity to recuperate their strength to prepare for a new anti-PLA offensive.

In technicality, religions that have no gods, for instance taoism and some sects of buddhism, can be called atheist, but there is no one atheist religion. Moreover, the influence of this victory is daily spreading to every corner of the world.

The militarization that was needed to complete such a lofty goal led to the outbreak of World War II. In JuneTan led his troops into Changsha, and Zhang fled. It was put forward by the Chinese Communists and endorsed by all those taking part in the anti-imperialist and anti-feudal struggle of the time….

Mao Zedong

Hideki Tojo was a general in the Imperial Japanese Army. Mao was a vocal anti-imperialist and in his writings he lambasted the governments of Japan, UK and US, describing the latter as "the most murderous of hangmen".

1 Yakubu Gowon (1 million deaths)

See below for the same passage from version II. The government that continued to rule Taiwan was composed of the same people ruling the Mainland for over 20 years when life expectancy was so low, yet life expectancy there also increased.

This is nothing to fear, and, under certain conditions, it may even be beneficial. Like I said, having "religion" in the infobox effectively gives it a label, when the issue is actually a lot more complex.

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There, Mao played an active role in the discussions regarding the peasant issue, defending a set of "Regulations for the Repression of Local Bullies and Bad Gentry", which advocated the death penalty or life imprisonment for anyone found guilty of counter-revolutionary activity, arguing that in a revolutionary situation, "peaceful methods cannot suffice".

After Stalin died, Soviet philosophers, the Soviet Union began to change on this question.

Compare and Contrast the Policies of Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping

His speech at the Nineteenth Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union is a precious last testament bequeathed to the Communists of all the countries of the world.

To say these things have identity is a mistaken concept [he said]. The moment the president leaves office the same people forget about him and jump on the next one.

Statistics of Democide James Payne: Following that, the imperialists cooked up two major anti-Communist storms, and in the international Communist movement also there were two big storms of debate.

We are not assuming that these comments are what our own final appraisal of Stalin should be exclusively based on. In my opinion, if you want to restore it, it will have to rewritten, sourced and made more neutral first. This is an inestimable loss, not only for the people of the Soviet Union, but for the Chinese people, for the entire camp of peace and democracy, and for peace-loving people through the world.

They agreed with us in word, but in deed they did it their own way when they got home: Forced city folk to relocate to farms and forced them into hard labor.

A popular slogan during the Cultural Revolution was, "Break the chains, unleash the fury of women as a mighty force for revolution. You supported [Stalin] so very enthusiastically in the past; before making such a big switch now, you must at least give some reason [for doing so].

I was saying that he should first look there Lenin did the same in the last years of his life as well. While most scholars are reluctant to estimate a total number of "unnatural deaths" in China under Mao, evidence shows he was in some way responsible for at least 40 million deaths and perhaps 80 million or more.

Changsha's governor fled, leaving the city in republican control. If you stare at a red shape for a long time, when you turn away, your retina will hold the image but you will see a green version of the same shape. That episode is not listed here despite the large number of victims because the German government never ordered those massacres.

But we Communists are materialists; we acknowledge that it is the masses who create everything and are the masters of history.

Mao Zedong

One way in which Maximilien Robespierre, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Saddam Hussein are similar is that these leaders all (1) purged their nations of political opponents (2) followed the teachings of.

[Single Spark] Mao’s Evaluations of Stalin A Collection and Summary (Sept. 6, ) [This collection of quotations about Stalin from Mao’s writings was originally prepared by me as part of a much larger project by the Single Spark Collective to attempt to reevaluate Stalin.

Josef Stalin and Mao Zedong were both very similar and still quite different. Adolf Hitler admired, and feared Joseph Stalin. Very ironically Stalin admired, and feared Hitler as well. Stalin was a communist, and Hitler was a fascist.

Civilians from these countries were about to face disaster. Lenin was the leader of the communist. Apr 09,  · Best Answer: well stalins 5 year plan actually worked for russia, mao's caused china to go into the great leap *backwards* (i should kno more of this- i did an essay on this like a week ago!) ummm gosh the similarities r douglasishere.com i guess u could talk about douglasishere.com: Resolved.

Mao Tse-Tung. Has any thought been given to including this alternative spelling in the intro so as to avoid the possible confusion?

is that IP98's version added "Some historians claim that Mao Zedong was a dictator comparable to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, [6][7] I returned the Hitler/Stalin comparison to its original setting in the.

Hitler to Stalin: The most murderous regimes in the world

In contrast, the majority of deaths under Mao and Stalin's leadership were due to starvation from idiotic socialist policies. I'm not saying that they (Mao and Stalin) don't bear moral culpability for the people who died, but unlike Hitler, they didn't set out to kill tens of millions of people.

A comparison of leadership of mao tse tung and joseph stalin
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